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  • 103 min
  • Japan
  • Culinary Cinema
  • 1 Screening
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It’s Kiki’s 13th birthday, which can only mean one thing - she has to move out of home! This may sound like a scary prospect for many, but not to a witch like Kiki. In fact it is quite normal for all witches to jump on their broomsticks and fly away into the full-moon night. Join Kiki and her black cat Jiji on an exciting adventure in this phantasmagorical Studio Ghibli film.

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The screening is outdoors, so remember to wear warm clothes. During the screening, the audience will be served a bowl of delicious, hot noodles from Edoramen.


Saturday 11. march 13.00 13.00
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Original title MAJO NO TAKKYÛBIN
Director Hayao MYAZAKI
Year 1989
Length 103 min
Country Japan
Language Norwegian
Subtitles Norwegian