Kampen Kampen Kampen Kampen


  • 120 min
  • Norway
  • special screening
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The women’s team for Trondheim’s football giants RBK (Rosenborg) aims to set an attendance record by filling one of Norway's largest football stadiums, Lerkendal. Is it really possible for a women's team used to playing in front 500 people at a modest local field to fill a stadium with a capacity of 21,000?

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In the documentary series Kampen, which rather appropriately means boththe Game’ or ‘the Battle’ in Norwegian, we share the journey with the women leading up to this record attempt. We discover that they have to deal with a professional career with minimal pay, holding down jobs on the side, with fewer resources and other inequalities that male athletes scarcely have to consider. The Rosenborg women show that girls should also dare to dream big, even when the odds are stacked against them.

Kosmorama will be screening the first two episodes of this brand new series.


Wednesday 08. march 21.00 21.00
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Original title KAMPEN
Length 120 min
Country Norway
Language Norwegian
Subtitles No subtitles