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  • 86 min
  • Poland
  • special screening
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Democracy in Poland is in danger of crumbling. After the political party ‘Law and Justice’ came to power in 2015, the governing powers have become far more authoritarian, with policies including diminishing the independence of the courts and restricting the right to abortion. How can Polish democracy be saved?

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Judges Under Pressure is the story of judges who defend the Constitution and uphold the principle of distribution of power. One of the judges, Igor Tuleya, has defied the pressure, with rulings that are unfavourable to those in power. The film provides an insight into the consequences of his uncompromising struggle, while also chronicling the intense political pressure that is affecting his life.

This film is presented here in collaboration with Amnesty International, Norwegian University of Science and Technology and the Norwegian National Courts Administration, which is administratively responsible for all courts in Norway.


Saturday 11. march 10.15 10.15
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Original title Sedziowie pod presja
Director Kacper LISOWSKI
Year 2021
Length 86 min
Country Poland
Language Polish
Subtitles English