Houria1 Houria1 Houria1 Houria1


  • 104 min
  • Algerie, France
  • Relations
  • 3 Screenings

25-year-old Houria wants to pursue a career in dance, but opportunities are limited in Algeria. Many of her fellow dancers talk about leaving the country, but before she can make a decision, Houria is subjected to a traumatic, violent experience. The more unattainable her big dream of making a living as a dancer becomes, the more she has to find new and creative ways of expressing her great passion.

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Not for the first time, magic is created on screen when director Mounia Meddour and lead actress Lyna Khoudri join forces. Just as in their previous collaboration, Papicha - The Struggle for Freedom (2019), screened at Kosmorama three years ago, Houria is an energetic film that is easy to immerse yourself in. It tells a story that leaves an impression and provides hope, without romanticising the reality.

With an impressive lead performance, pulsating dance scenes and an uplifting examination of the idea of following one's dreams, this is a refreshing film about finding one's voice through dance.


Wednesday 08. march 14.30 14.30
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Friday 10. march 17.00 17.00
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Sunday 12. march 10.15 10.15
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Original title HOURIA
Director Mounia MEDDOUR
Year 2022
Length 104 min
Country Algerie, France
Language Arabic, french
Subtitles Norwegian
Cast Lyna KHOUDRI, Rachida BRAKNI, Amira Hilda DOUAOUDA