Gunda bilde 3 Gunda bilde 3 Gunda bilde 3 Gunda bilde 3


  • 93 min
  • Norway, United States
  • Documentary
Gunda bilde 1
Gunda bilde 3

Gunda is a beautiful and sensitive portrait of the everyday life of animals. Through the striking, black-and-white photography of Norwegian photographer Egil Håskjold Larsen (and Russian film director Viktor Kossakovsky), the animals are portrayed as worthy, living individuals. This Norwegian production is partly shot in Tønsberg, and has recently made a name for itself as one of the year's finest films both domestically and abroad.

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The film first became a talking point after its premiere at the Berlin Film Festival, after which it also managed to gain the attention of actor and passionate vegan Joaquin Phoenix, who was so impressed that he joined the team as an executive producer. Gunda has also won a number of awards, been nominated for Best Documentary at the European Film Awards, and has been named one of the best films of the year by a number of international critics.

This film is available at Kosmorama Digital 8th – 14th March.


Original title Gunda
Director Victor Kossakovsky
Year 2020
Length 93 min
Land Norway, United States
Subtitles No subtitles
Cast Gunda