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El Planeta

  • 79 min
  • Spain, United States
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In El Planeta we meet Leonor and her mother Maria in the aftermath of the financial crisis in Spain.

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They struggle to make ends meet and live together in a cramped, plain apartment from which they risk being thrown out. All that reminds them of more glorious and heady times are their luxurious garments and expensive designer items, which they cling on tightly to in order to maintain the facade of their past lives.

In her feature debut, director and screenwriter Amalia Ulman also plays the lead role in this film which explores class differences and consumerism with a distinctive humour, aided by the fact that the mother in the film is played by her actual mother, Ale. Ulman creates a distinguished film using interesting cinematic tools with intriguing effects and transitions, in addition to its experimental use of sound.


Tuesday 08. march 10.30 10.30
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Wednesday 09. march 19.00 19.00
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Thursday 10. march 22.00 22.00
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Saturday 12. march 12.00 12.00
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Sunday 13. march 17.00 17.00
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Original title El Planeta
Director Amalia Ulman
Year 2021
Length 79 min
Country Spain, United States
Language Spanish
Subtitles English
Cast Amalia Ulman, Ale Ulman, Chen Zhou