Dinner Rush1 Dinner Rush1 Dinner Rush1 Dinner Rush1


  • 99 min
  • United States
  • Culinary Cinema
  • 1 Screening
Dinner Rush1
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Bookmaker Louis Cropa owns the Italian restaurant Gigino in New York with his good friend and partner Enrico. When Enrico is taken out by two mobsters, Cropa decides to abandon his illegal dealings and focus on the restaurant. On the busiest night Gigino has had for quite a while, it would seem the two gangsters have no intention of letting Louis have his way. Despite the fact that the plot revolves around organised crime, Dinner Rush is neatly wrapped up in an authentic atmosphere of Italian cuisine.

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For this culinary cinematic experience, Alma’s has prepared a menu that will transport you all the way from Kongens gate in Trondheim to New York's Italian gangster scene. The menu will consist of open ravioli with lobster, crab, apple and shellfish sauce; oven-baked cod with risotto, gremolata and tomato vinaigrette; and lemon cream, fried almonds, puff pastry and meringue. Food will be served during the film screening.


Tuesday 07. march 19.00 19.00
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Original title DINNER RUSH
Director Bob Giraldi
Year 2000
Length 99 min
Country United States
Language English, French, Italian
Subtitles English
Cast Danny Aiello, Edoardo Ballerini, John Rothman