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Dear Comrades

  • 120 min
  • Russia
  • Society
Dear Comrades
Dear Comrades Background
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As a young screenwriter, Andrey Konchalovsky attended the Venice Film Festival in 1962 in conjunction with the film he co-wrote, Ivan's Childhood, directed by master director Andrei Tarkovsky. So much has happened since then and with Dear Comrades Konchalovsky, now director, offers his most compelling film for several years.

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Dear Comrades is a personal and moving story, gorgeously shot in black and white, taking place in the city of Novocherkassk in 1962.

The plot centres around the family of proud and fiercely loyal communist party member Lyudmila. Novocherkassk itself is a big mess - food prices are rising, shares are plummeting, workers are on strike and Nikita Khrushchev is apparently livid. When Lyudmila's daughter disappears after a strike at the local factory, Lyudmila must defy curfews, mass arrests and the authorities' relentless attempts to cover up state violence, in order to find her. The question that soon arises is, has the state failed her, or will she fail the state?


Director Andrey Konchalovskiy
Year 2020
Length 120 min
Land Russia
Language Russian
Subtitles English
Cast Yuliya Vysotskaya, Vladislav Komarov, Andrey Gusev, Yuliya Burova