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Blue Code of Silence

  • 74 min
  • Norway
  • Documentary
Blue Code 05 Stillbilde fra Filmen
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Blue Code 02 Stillbilde fra Filmen av Bob Leuci

Forty years ago, policeman Bob Leuci and a group of prosecutors brought down New York’s most corrupt police unit. The case launched the careers of the prosecutors but left Leucis life in ruins. Over the years, several international filmmakers approached Leuci, begging him to turn his life story into a documentary. He refused them all and trusted Norwegian film maker Magnus Skatvold and Spætt Film to tell his story.

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Every year an average of one thousand American police officers are arrested for misconduct or corruption, and the abuse of power is a legacy that stretches back to the dawn of US policing. Blue Code of Silence tells the true story about a crooked police officer in 1970s New York who brought down the most corrupt police unit in American history. Who was detective Bob Leuci? A whistleblower who stood up against corruption and an American hero? Or just a rat who betrayed his friends and colleagues to save his own skin?


Original title Blue Code of Silence
Director Magnus Skatvold
Year 2020
Length 74 min
Land Norway
Language English
Subtitles English