Art Talent Show3 Art Talent Show3 Art Talent Show3 Art Talent Show3


  • 102 min
  • Czech Republic
  • Documentary
  • 3 Screenings
Art Talent Show3
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Earning a place at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague is no small matter, as we discover from this group of budding young artists as they embark on the entrance exam at the academy. This fly on the wall style documentary shows the tough challenges they face and particularly how the teachers set up the talent quest. Can artistic quality really be measured by holding talent competitions? With dry humor and an ironic distance from the actual subject, the film poses provocative questions about what art is and what position it has in our society.

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This is a film that problematises contemporary art, takes the pulse of the youth of today, and portrays an institution in action. Many have compared it to the films of the legendary documentary filmmaker Frederick Wiseman, who often deals with the day-to-day workings of public institutions.

Art Talent Show takes a witty look at a strange world bubbling with creativity, thoughts and ideas.


Tuesday 07. march 17.00 17.00
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Thursday 09. march 21.00 21.00
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Friday 10. march 19.00 19.00
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Original title Zkouška umění
Director Tomas Bojar
Adela Komrzy
Year 2022
Length 102 min
Country Czech Republic
Language Czech
Subtitles English