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  • 102 min
  • Germany
  • Relations
  • 12 years
  • 3 Screenings

For Leon and his friend Felix, the vacation takes an unexpected turn when they arrive at their holiday house. They find that a stranger named Nadja and her lover, Devid, have occupied the house. The new situation becomes a source of curiosity, jealousy, and uncertainty for aspiring writer Leon. Meanwhile, a fierce forest fire rages on the horizon.

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Once again, Christian Petzold proves his position as one of Germany's leading film directors. He presents this unpredictable character drama with a keen eye for detail, introducing new twists to the story, making the film engaging every minute. Excellent actors also contribute to make this a passionate film about love and friendship.

The film was awarded the jury prize at last year's Berlin Film Festival.


Tuesday 05. march 14.00 14.00 Prinsen 3
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Wednesday 06. march 18.00 18.00 Prinsen 3
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Saturday 09. march 14.15 14.15 Prinsen 8
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Original title ROTER HIMMEL
Director Christian PETZOLD
Year 2023
Length 102 min
Country Germany
Language German
Subtitles norwegian
Cast Thomas SCHUBERT, Langston UIBEL, Paula BEER