Mandagsfilmen: The New boy

  • Prinsen 6
  • 10. June 18:00 20:00
Thenewboy benking 001

Mandagsfilmen 10. June is The New Boy.

In a secluded monastery in 1940s Australia, a home for orphaned Aboriginal children is run by the nun Sister Eileen (Cate Blanchett). One night, a new boy arrives - a boy (Aswan Reid) who seems to possess special powers. When the monastery receives a precious relic of Christ on the cross, the new boy encounters Jesus for the first time and becomes mesmerized. But the boy's Aboriginal spiritual life contrasts with the mission's Christianity, and his mysterious powers become a threat. Sister Eileen faces a choice between the traditions of faith and the truth embodied in the boy. Who is this orphaned and dreamy boy?