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Monday Film: The Father

  • Prinsen Cinema Centre
  • 24. May 18:00 20:00
The Father2

Experience Anthony Hopkins and Olivia Coleman in one of their best performances ever in critically acclaimed The Father.

Anthony (Anthony Hopkins) is getting old, but refuses to accept help from his daughter Anne (Olivia Coleman), who is trying to find him a nurse. He is curmudgeonly, feisty and suspicious, while she is full of care and concern for her father, but just can’t get it through to him.

While he grows increasingly unsure about whether he can trust his family, Anthony also begins to doubt his own thoughts and his perception of reality. Anthony Hopkins excels in the role of a man who alternates between being maliciously manipulative and as helpless as a child, and the result is equally as heartbreaking as it is impressive.

The Father takes us on an immersive journey through a mind that is decaying. The film manages to skilfully disorientate the audience until, just like its protagonist, you start to question everything. The film is universally acclaimed as one of the best of the year, and won and two Oscars at the Academy Awards.