Mandagsfilmen: Bastarden

  • Prinsen 6
  • 19. February 18:00 20:00
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Mandagsfilmen 19. February is Bastarden by Nicolaj Arcel.

The poor soldier Ludvig Kahlen arrives at the barren Jutland Heath in 1755 with a single goal: to follow the king's call to cultivate the land and thereby attain wealth and honor. However, Kahlen quickly gains an enemy in the ruthless landowner Frederik De Schinkel, the sole ruler of the area. De Schinkel believes that the land belongs to him and not the king, and he does everything to drive Kahlen away. But Kahlen does not give up; he engages in a fierce battle against the superior power, risking both his own life and the bond with the small family that has grown around him on the heath.

The film reunites director Arcel and actor Mikkelsen, who previously collaborated on the film "A Royal Affair," which was nominated for an Oscar in 2013.

"Mads Mikkelsen shines in Nikolaj Arcel's poignant historical drama." The Hollywood Reporter