Mandagsfilmen: All of us Strangers

  • Prinsen 6
  • 12. February 18:00 20:00

Mandagsfilmen 12. February is All of us Strangers

"All of Us Strangers" is a poignant tale of love, trauma, and acceptance starring Andrew Scott, Paul Mescal, Claire Foy, and Jamie Bell. It is written and directed by Andrew Haigh and stands out as one of the most critically acclaimed and anticipated films of the year.

One evening in an almost empty apartment block in London, Adam (Scott) has an encounter with the mysterious neighbor Harry (Mescal), which will alter the rhythm of Adam's everyday life. As their relationship unfolds, Adam becomes preoccupied with memories from the past. He returns to the town he grew up in, where he discovers his parents living in the childhood home, just as they did when they passed away 30 years earlier.