Fuckings Bygda: Special screning and conversation

  • Prinsen 5
  • 08. March 20:00 21:45
Fuckingsbygda bild

For the special screening of their film Fuckings Bygda on March 8th, director Frøydis Fossli Moe and producer, screenwriter, and actress Maria Wiik will be attending Kosmorama. Following the screening, there will be a conversation in the auditorium.

About the film:
Mariam is an apple that has fallen far from the tree. She spends her days on the party scene in Oslo, far away from her childhood hometown in Gudbrandsdalen. One day, she gets a call from her older sister, Katrine, about a challenging dilemma: their father's urn has mistakenly been swapped with another, leading to the wrong person being buried under their father's headstone. Katrine insists that Mariam comes home to Vinstra right away. This means a new opportunity for the two sisters to come together again, but it's easier said than done.

Where Katrine is down-to-earth and responsible, Mariam is extravagant and self-absorbed. The strained relationship between them creates an exciting dynamic in this portrait of siblings dealing with forgiveness, reconciliation, and finding their roots.

Director Frøydis Fossli Moe confirms with this film that a large budget is not needed to tell powerful and interesting stories.