Opening film 2024 - HAMMARSKJÖLD

  • Prinsen 6 and Prinsen 3
  • 04. March 19:00 21:30
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Kosmorama - Trondheim internasjonale filmfestival are proud to announce that Hammarskjöld will be our opening film. Hammarskjöld will be screened on the festival's first day, March 4th, at 19:00 in Prinsen 6 and 19:15 in Prinsen 3.

About the film:

Kosmorama's opening film this year is the gripping thriller about Dag Hammarskjöld. Mikael Persbrandt takes on the lead role as the Swedish top diplomat in the film portraying his dramatic life as the Secretary-General of the United Nations.

Dag Hammarskjöld was posthumously awarded the Nobel Peace Prize and was one of the world's foremost diplomats in his time. In 1961, he has one year left in his position as the UN Secretary-General, succeeding the Norwegian Trygve Lie. Afterward, he plans to return home to Österlen and finally leave behind the world of high politics. However, the Cold War is in full swing, and the focal point in Africa is the Congo.

Dag Hammarskjöld takes on the complicated mission of mediating peace and agreement in the tense conflict in the divided country. An impossible task according to many, a suicide mission according to others

The film is directed by Danish filmmaker Per Fly, known for his critically acclaimed works such as Bænken (2000), Arven (2003), and Monica Z (2013). With Hammarskjöld, he has crafted one of the winter's major Scandinavian films. The movie also bears a distinct regional touch from Trøndelag, as the music composed by Raymond Enoksen was recorded at Øra Studio with pianist Else Bø and musicians from the Trondheim Symphony Orchestra and Trondheimsolistene. We at Kosmorama are thrilled to open the festival with this epic film about one of the world's foremost peace advocates and his enigmatic destiny.

The opening film, Hammarskjöld, will be screened on the festival's first day, March 4th, at 19:00 in Prinsen 6 and 19:15 in Prinsen 3. The film has an age limit of 15 years.

The opening film is a special screening and is not included in the festival pass.