Mothering Sunday 2

Mandagsfilmen: Mothering Sunday

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  • 16. mai 18:00 20:00
Mothering Sunday 1st look still hi res

We follow the maid Jane Fairchild throughout a day in 1924. She has a day off while her employers celebrate the engagement of her son Paul (Josh O'Connor, from The Crown)with Emma Hobday. For nearly seven years Jane and Paul have been having a secret relationship.

The Nivens belong to England's old aristocracy, while Jane was orphaned at birth and belongs to the working class.

With the house conveniently empty, the two lovers can finally meet in Paul's bedroom for the first time. It will be their last day as lovers, but also the day that marks the beginning of Jane's transformation as the story unfolds through hours of secret passion.

This is a British drama in the crossing point between Downton Abbey and The Crown, with Colin Firth and Olivia Colman in the roles as Paul's parents. The film is based on a novel by Graham Swift, and the script is written and adapted by Alice Birch (Normal People).

Filmen har norsk undertekst. Aldersgrense for filmen er 12 år.