Yol – The Full Version

Five inmates in a Turkish prison is given a week’s leave to visit their families at home. What meets them there is tragedy and the consequences of a Turkey in political tyranny. One of the men return to a wife which is held prisoner by her family, accused of betraying her husband. According to the custom, she must die for what she has done, and her husband must decide what will happen to her. Another man travels to his hometown on the border of Turkey and Syria, where his family and the rest of the village is being terrorised by anti-kurdish forces. Filmmaker Yilmaz Guney wrote the script of Yol while in prison, and finished his work while in exile. He did the clipping himself. Guney describes the state of the nation in 1982, when the film first was released. The same year, Yol won the Golden Palm in Cannes. Kosmorama will show the restored version that was released in 2017, relevant as ever.



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