Wild Strawberries

Reality and dream, past and present, all merge together in Bergman’s Wild Strawberries. The film’s poetic character open up for several different interpretations. Professor Isak Borg is to be made honorary doctor in Lund. The night before, he dreams that he is in an abandoned town. A casket falls of a bygoing wagon, and a hand sticks out and grabs for Isak. In the casket, he sees himself. The journey to Lund becomes a journey through his youth and through lifelong disappointments and self deception.

Along with The Seventh Seal, Wild Strawberries is one of the most renowned films from

Bergman. It is complex, but the graveness is balanced out by a humoristic touch that make this existential drama very appealing. The image of Victor Sjöström in the role of Isak Borg will stay with you after the film ends. The legendary Swedish director and actor almost manages to outshine Bergman. Bergman did not originally intend for Sjöström to play lead, and was not convinced. Still, Wild Strawberries later came to be seen as Bergman’s homage to Sjöström.



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