White Riot

Kjøp billett

White Riot depicts the start of Rock Against Racism (RAR), a cultural movement against racism and fascism, and its initiators. The film sheds light on how the movement united youths and artists of different cultural backgrounds. It includes incredible footage, among other things, from the Carnival Against Racism in 1978 when about 100 000 people marched against racism to Victoria Park, where there was a concert with The Clash. 


The young filmmaker Rubika Shah portrays this historical period, phenomenon and movement without becoming too nostalgic. In many ways, the film is a reflection of the present, showing the parallels to current Brexit rhetoric, even though the film is first and foremost a film about activism and music of the late 1970s.    


The screening will be introduced by Morten Haugdahl from Rockheim - the National Museum of Popular Music in Norway.



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