Utøya 22. juli

In the summer of 2010, Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg described Utøya as "one of the most important places in Norwegian politics". For years, the island had been used as an idyllic holiday site before it was taken over as the headquarters of the AUF in the 50's, which annually hosted a summer camp for politically motivated youths. Summer camps lasted up until 22 July 2011. Each and every Norwegian remembers where they were when the tragedy occurred. That day will never be forgotten.
There will be several different movies about 22 July during this coming year. Erik Poppe's film is the first, and is also the only feature film about the drama on Utøya. The filmmaker has found that the focus in the media after the events has been on prison conditions and other things the perpetrator induced. Therefore, he wanted to make this film where the focus would be on the victims of this tragedy. We follow a fictitious girl who is attending the summer camp at Utøya in 2011.

Director Erik Poppe will be present in the Cinema to introduce the film and the audience will be invited to ask questions after the viewing.



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