Kjøp billett

27-year-old Kris lives together with her old and disabled uncle on a farm in Southern Jutland. As well as caring for her uncle after he’s had a stroke, she also has to look after the farm. Kris saves a calf during labour, and her passion for the veterinary profession is reawakened. She develops a friendship with the local vet, and gradually she discovers a world outside of the farm.

Uncle offers a quiet and poetical outlook on everyday life. It demands your attention but rewards your patience by uncovering larger truths about human nature. The film was nominated for several Robert Awards, including the categories Best Danish Film, Best Original Screenplay, Best Actress in a Leading Role and Best Director. 

Director Frelle Petersen, producer Marco Lorenzen and actor Jette Søndergård will be present at the screenings Wednesday 14.30 and Tuesday 21.00 to introduce the screenings and participate in a Q&A afterwards.



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