Tusen bitar

Kjøp billett

Bjørn Afzelius used music to communicate things he was unable to say. His yearning for the love he never received as a child, can be sensed in the lyrics that made him Scandinavia’s most loved and hated artist. Through interviews with those who knew him best, we become familiar with the idealist behind the polished cowboy boots and the handsome façade: a life characterised by a constant search for closeness.


With Tusen bitar, Kosmorama - in its tenth year - began to inch towards a locally produced opening film, even though it is Swedish. Our own Dag Hoel was a co-producer, and both soundtrack and sound design were conducted by Ambolt Audio. This team returned four years later, along with Magnus Skatvold and Spætt Film, with Kosmorama’s big box-office success Trondheimsreisen.





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