Train Robbers

Kjøp billett

Spætt film presents Train Robbers, a short documentary depicting the childhood of a group of men from Trondheim.


In the mid 90s a large wastage of goods on northbound trains from Trondheim was discovered. After a long investigation, the spotlight was finally directed at a small train station on Ranheim, furthest east in Trondheim. It turned out that one of the trains had been subjected to a number of hidden robberies over a two-year period. The case took an unexpected turn when the culprits turned out to be very young boys in the ages 11-15.


Train robbery gives connotations to adult, bearded cowboys on horses. This story is about children. Train Robbers is a documentary narrative out of the ordinary. A film depicting good and unpleasant memories of youth and the rebellion of a very special group of boys from Ranheim.



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