Kjøp billett

Ten-year-old Laure moves to a new place and meets the neighbour Lisa, who thinks Laure is a boy. Intuitively, she introduces herself as Michaël, and so she starts a double life: as Laure when home with her parents and sister, and as Michaël while out with friends. With creative means, she hides her secret and builds her new identity. However, the truth must come out eventually, and Laure must face the consequences of that which started as an innocent game.


Director Céline Sciamma made a thrilling debut in 2007 with Water Lilies, a refreshing and believable film about the sometimes painful transition from childhood to young womanhood. Sciamma is a master at portraying children, youth and women trying to break loose from the constrictions put upon them. Tomboy was a remarkable sophomore feature. In 2019, Sciamma received great acclaim for Portrait of a Lady on Fire. The film won the prize for the best script in Cannes and has charmed critics and audiences worldwide.




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