Tigers Are Not Afraid

Estrella arrives home from school one day, and finds her mother has left. After waiting several days for her mother in vain, she wanders alone and half-starved in search of food. In the Mexican border town where Estrella lives, disappearances are common and she quickly comes in contact with a gang of orphans who have suffered the same fate as her. Together, they try to survive in a life characterised by the cruel violence of drug cartels. Nevertheless, it is not always enough to just have each other. At night, they are literally haunted by the ghosts of the many victims of the drug wars. Tigers are not Afraid was originally conceived for the Ramaskrik program, and does not hold back on blood, cruelty and horror elements.
It is perceived as a realistic depiction of the terrible crimes that the drug cartels cause, while magic realism and horror make it amazing. That is good too - the cruelties depicted in the film become so infinitely crueler when you know this is the everyday life of real people. It is reassuring to be able to distance yourself a little with the magic and unrealism. The result is an amazing blend of good and evil that you should not miss. The film won a total of five prizes during LA Screamfest last year, including "Best Film" and "Best Director", and was on Guillermo del Toro's top 10 list for 2017. 



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