The Wayward Girl

Kjøp billett

Ung flukt is an intense summer adventure about youth on forbidden paths, about young love and erotic longing. The conscientious Anders has brought Gerd, a misguided young girl, out of the city in an attempt to get her away from the wrong people. She is just seventeen, but already on her way down a dangerous path. When the mysterious Bendik shows up, the situation quickly escalates into a love triangle.


Ung flukt was both a goodbye and a new beginning for norwegian film. Director Edith Carlmar went, as she said, undercover after Ung flukt, and stopped making film while at her prime. Liv Ullmann, on the other hand, stood out as a new, young talent in this film. Her role as Gerd became the big break that would lead her on to an amazing career in film, not to mention her collaboration with Ingmar Bergman.




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