The Sleeping Car Murders

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On a night train heading for Paris, a pair of torn nylon stockings brings two young people together. Bambi is a plump, temperamental girl on her way to the capital to start working as a secretary. Daniel is on the run after a failed exam, only equipped with his mother’s scarf, Das Kapital in his suitcase and his characteristically clumsy footwork. Bambi lets her ticketless friend borrow a spare bunk in her compartment, which she’s sharing with a passé actress, a sweaty supplier of kitchen utilities, a seductive cosmetics saleswoman and an anonymous man in a suit.

Bambi and Daniel have hardly left the train before a dead body is discovered in the compartment. The police are quickly on the scene, represented by career hungry Tarquin, laconic inspector Grazziani - suffering from a cold - and his assistant, the quiet Jean-Lou. They have few leads, but Tarquin has plenty of theories. He just can’t decide which one is the best. As the trio starts tracking down the victim’s travelling compatriots, it turns out that the killer isn’t content with just one victim.

Costa-Gavras’ debut feature The Sleeping Car Murders is an inspired and elegant thriller, with a cast of renowned actors. 

Director Costa-Gavras will introduce the screening of the film Tuesday 16.00.




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