The Perfect Candidate

Kjøp billett

The Perfect Candidate is an optimistic story from a country where, in spite of the patriarchal rules, changes seem within reach. A young, charismatic doctor runs for the local city elections, surprising both her family and the wider society. This is the first time they have had a female candidate running for election. She’s met with scepticism and ridicule, but gradually also respect and admiration. 

The Perfect Candidate is Haifaa al-Mansour’s second film. Her first feature-length film, Wadjda, was a big hit among the audience when it screened at Kosmorama 2013. With The Perfect Candidate, she continues to give us stories from Saudi-Arabia from a female perspective. In the film, one sees how the highly educated and competent doctor faces bizarre prejudices because of her gender. It’s also interesting to get an insight into the personal sphere, where we see the close relations within her family. The film is in many ways about the always topical theme: Follow your dreams, whatever they may be!   



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