The Land Before Time

Littlefoot is a dinosaur. A herbaceous long neck, the lastborn of his kind. Littlefoot and family have to get to the lush plains of the Great Valley to escape the cruel drought that has crossed the country. However, the journey proves difficult as the carnivorous dinosaur Sharptooth and a terrible earthquake separate Littlefoot from his family. Fortunately, Littlefoot meets some new friends who join him on a magical journey, filled with danger, but also friendship. Experience the classic dinosaur adventure directed and produced by Don Bluth, famous for, among other things, Charlie the Dog (1989). The film also has a number of famous executive producers like Steven Spielberg, George Lucas and the married couple Kathleen Kennedy and Frank Marshall. With the exception of the Indiana Jones franchise.

This is the only movie where George Lucas and Steven Spielberg have collaborated as executive producers.



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