The Gangster, The Cop, The Devil

Kjøp billett

A police investigator hunts a serial killer, but as the serial killer chooses his victims at random he seems impossible to catch. A victim barely survives and is willing to testify, but there’s one problem: the victim is a gangster boss who is more interested in capturing and killing the serial killer singlehandedly than let him go through a lawsuit. The gangster and the cop agree to share information to find the murderer. However, if the gangster boss catches him first, it’s unlikely the serial killer will survive to go through a trial. 

While The Gangster, The Cop, The Devil may remind you of a crime film, it also contains everything you expect from Korean gangster movies. There are hardboiled men in suits, there’s Soju, and there’s a massive amount of action violence. The rights to an American remake has already been acquired by Sylvester Stallone’s company, so this is a golden opportunity to say that the original was better. 

Trivia: Lead actor Dong-seok Ma is soon to be seen as the superhero Gilgamesh in the upcoming Marvel film Eternals



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