The Extraordinary Journey of the Fakir

Kjøp billett

One screening only!


All his life, Aja the fakir has dreamed himself away from the slums of mumbai to the glorious IKEA using a catalogue he found on the streets. When as an adult he finally gets to live out his dream of travelling to Paris and visiting IKEA, it’s only natural he should meet the love of his life there. They set up a date for the next day, but unfortunately for Aja the closet he goes to sleep in is hauled off to England in the middle of the night with him still in it. Suddenly he’s an illegal immigrant and must escape authorities and find his way back to love in Paris in this hilariously heartwarming comedy.


This is a propoerl feel-good movie that won the Ray of Sunshine-award at the Norwegian Film Festival in Haugesund.



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nei, takk