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On the outskirts of the city where old industrial buildings meet the river banks, Khalil becomes friends with the elderly sniper, José Ramón. José shares a house with a brother he hasn’t spoken a word to for several years. Tales of emotions and traditions washed out by modern society are recounted on the riverside. Basque director Koldo Almandoz has previously made his mark with short films and documentaries. With his personal background from the area on the outskirts of San Sebastian, he uses the river banks and the connections between tradition and modernity, nature and industry as strong instruments. Conscious of the current migration to Europe, Almandoz tells a story that also highlights a subtle part of the integration that is an increasing reality in the world.


Director Koldo Almandoz has previously been associated with short films and documentaries. He won the award for best Basque film with this feature film at the San Sebastian Film Festival in 2018.


OREINA Trailer O.V. ENG. SUB. from txintxua on Vimeo.



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