The Day After

One morning, an emotionally confused middle-aged man in the literature business is confronted by his wife, who suspects him of committing adultery. What follows is a tragi-comical drama of confusion and trouble between four people: the man who runs a small book publishing business, his wife, his mistress and his new trainee, who the wife suspects to be the lover. It is all wrapped in a, black and white movie with long cuts, steady photography and a remarkable zoom usage. The Day After is the latest in the series from South Korea's most productive director Hong Sang-soo`s films from the year 2017, and premiered in the main competition at Cannes Film Festival. In the prominent roles, we find Hong veteran Kwon Hae-hyo as Bong-wan, the middle-aged man who runs a small publishing company, and Kim Min-hee, best known for her role in the Park Chan-Wook mega-success Chambermaid (2016) which appeared in Kosmorama last year.

The Day After has been carefully chosen for our program, by Trondheim Filmklubb. They want to shed light on the highly contemporary and formal speeches of Hong Sang-soo, expressing the following: "He is an immense director who is beginning to gain the deserved recognition he deserves on this side of the world. Of the three films he has released during the past year, The Day After is perhaps his most personal - and darkest comedy»



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