The Collini Case

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The Collini Case is based on the German success novel of the same name, written by the former lawyer Ferdinand von Schirach, who wished to confront his grandfather’s past as a leader of the Hitler Youth. 

In his first court case ever, a graduate lawyer is asked to defend a killer who was found standing over the body of the aggrieved, murder weapon in hand. The case seems clear, the killer not even denying the evil deed. However, the aspiring lawyer feels that something’s amiss. Why should an elderly man without a record and without an apparent connection to the victim commit this crime? The Collini Case takes a different spin on the classic courtroom drama, as it’s evident from the beginning that the perpetrator is guilty and the lawyer’s hunt for proof revolves around finding the motive. In this process, the lawyer uncovers significant flaws in the German legal system and a conspiracy extending back to Nazi-Germany. With elements of the political thriller and the courtroom drama, The Collini Case will keep you on your toes from beginning to the end. 



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