The Borrowed Dress

Kjøp billett

After her seven children have fled Syria and sought refuge worldwide, 80-year-old Susu is forced to leave Damascus and move to Dubai to live with her daughter’s family. However, her youngest daughter Doaa has been granted asylum in Norway, and Susu travels to Beirut to say goodbye – perhaps seeing her for the last time. Doaa’s son, on the other hand, is not granted the right to relocate with his mother and has to stay behind in Beirut as an illegal immigrant. Will Doaa leave her own son to get out of harm’s way? All the while, Susu longs for her home in Damascus, where she wants to spend her final years. Will Susu ever see her lifelong home again?   


Director Leen Alfaisal has portrayed her own family in this documentary. It’s a tale of identity, and of being faced with a series of inhuman choices that are beyond one’s control, which must be taken in the midst of conflicting emotions and harsh logic – to survive.




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