The Birds

Kjøp billett

The Birds is an intense portrait of the impractical Mattis, who in the village goes by the nickname «Tusten». He’s provided for by his sister Hege. They live together deep in the middle of the woods sometime in the 1950s. When Hege falls in love with the lumberjack Jørgen, Mattis feels superfluous and has to decide whether to leave the nest − or give in to the dark calling of nature. Anders T. Andersen has directed this black-and-white film in which he plays the lead, while Hilde Susan Jægtnes has written the script. 


Andersen is the director behind the critically acclaimed TV series Berlin Poplars, based on the novel by Anne B. Ragde. The series won three awards at the Norwegian TV series awards Gullruten in 2008. Andersen also received the Prix Italia for best drama series and came second in the Prix Europa in Berlin that year.

Scriptwriter Hilde Susan Jægtnes and director Anders T. Andersen will be present during the screening on Friday at 6 pm. After the screening, they will participate in a talk led by Associate Professor Frode Boasson from the Department of Language and Literature at NTNU.


To make The Birds, Andersen has brought with him a team of Norway’s leading actors. Andrine Sæther plays the sister Hege, and Henrik Rafaelsen the lumberjack Jørgen. The evocative music is the work of the renowned Swedish band Fläskkvartetten. 



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