Tears of Gaza

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Tears of Gaza portrays the Gaza War as seen through the eyes of a group of Palestinian children. The film conveys an anti-war message and displays the horrific impact war and conflict has on civilians.

Director Vibeke Løkkeberg documents the desperation and feeling of powerlessness the Palestinians experienced during the Israeli bombing of Gaza in the winter of 2008/2009. The film is based on footage taken by Palestinian civilians during the war as well as some footage from the few reporters who managed to get into Gaza. The Hollywood Reporter referred to it as «the ultimate anti-war film».   

Tears of Gaza sparked debate and some critics felt it was too critical towards Israel while Hamas was hardly mentioned. To this criticism, Løkkeberg replied that her focus was to show that it is the civilians, and not Hamas, who suffer the most in such a war.

Tears of Gaza won several prizes, including the audience awards at the film festivals in Thessaloniki and Gothenburg, the Special Jury Award at Abu Dhabi Film Festival and the Golden Award at Gaza Film Festival. The film also received the Public Liberties and Human Rights Award at the Al Jazeera International Documentary Film Festival in Doha. 

Director Vibeke Løkkeberg will be present to introduce the screening.




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