Secret Ingredient

Vele, a worn out mechanic is struggling to make the ends meet and support his depressed father, Sazdo who is suffering from cancer. When the price of his father's medication rises, he does not know what to do. Sazdo is in great pain, and Vele has little to offer. When he one day stumbles over a kilo of hash, the solution is simple. Vele bakes it into a cake, which he serves his father, who is immediately cured. With the pain gone, he feels relieved and happier than for years. Of course, Sazdo gives a piece to a mate who has a bad back, and before he knows it, half of the neighbourhood is queued up outside his apartment waiting to try this marvel of a cake. At the same time, someone obviously owns the hash that Vele has found, and it becomes more and more obvious where it has gone. This is an extremely successful debut film by director Gjorce Stavreski. As a rule, dark comedies are rather cynical, but Secret Ingredient manages to be warm and even touching in spite of the dark topic. We would not be surprised if there is a re- recording of this film from Hollywood in the near future.



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nei, takk