Scener ur ett äktenskap

Ingmar Bergmans greatest work will be shown in full length, as a series of six episodes. Join us at a marathon screening, and watch Liv Ullmann and Erland Josephson shine in their roles as Marianne and Johan. In a film almost exclusively consisting of close-ups, Ullmann’s character has a way of merging from goddess to grey mouse in a matter of seconds. The TV series was an unexpected success for Bergman as people all over the world, married and unmarried, related to the lives of Marianne and Johan.

Marianne and Johan have been married for ten years, have two beautiful daughters and a good life together. At least that’s what they say in an interview with a magazine when we first meet them. During a couple’s dinner, their friends Peter and Katarina get into a fight and confront each other with their flaunts and weaknesses. The episode makes Marianne and Johan question their own marriage. How happy are they really? Still, they keep shrugging away their problems. But before long, Johan tells Marianne that he has met someone else. He leaves Marianne, who feels betrayed and abandoned by everyone. After a brief, but intimate encounter some months later, the feeling of anger is given new life, and when the divorce is made final, the rage reaches new heights.

Scenes from a Marriage is an intense portrait of Marianne, Johan and the dissolution of their marriage. Master photographer Sven Nykvist leaves the delicate compositions he created in films like Through a Glass Darkly (1961) and Persona (1966) for a closer and more raw expression. Johan and Marianne meet again, 30 years after Scenes from a Marriage ended, in Bergmans latest work for film or television, Saraband (2003).



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