Samfundsmøte: Høyreekstremisme

The political world has had a strong wind from the right in recent years. From Golden Dawn in Greece and Jobbik in Hungary, to Pim Fortuyn and Geert Wilders in the Netherlands and Front National in France - a wave of right-wing extremism has rushed over Europe.

For four years, Norwegian film maker Håvard Bustnes has followed the Greek Right-wing Party Golden Dawn from the inside. When all the male party leaders were imprisoned in 2013, three women took over to drive the party forward, and drove it to become Greece's third largest political party. Bustnes has attempted to understand the thoughts and values of those on the front line of modern nationalism through private conversations and interviews.

In the tsunami of ideologies and expressions that have now seen the public light for the first time in decades, society has found itself in a difficult position. Can the liberal values on which Western Europe were built on, live on? Should they? How should you discuss these opinions without necessarily legitimizing them? How do we handle the polarization that this development is a symptom of?

Filmmaker Håvard Bustnes, among others, will be at the public meeting at Studentersamfundet to share his experience of confronting the extreme ideologies that are the foundation of Golden Dawn. You can watch his film Golden Dawn Girls at Kosmorama.



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