Kjøp billett

Due to the Arab Spring, the happy couple Nizar and Cindy is forced to flee to Europe, but only Cindy possesses a valid visa. Pregnant and scared, she has to travel alone to her mother in Amsterdam, while Nizar must make an impossible choice: stay in the midst of a cruel war, or flee on one of the inflatable dinghies, which will take him illegally to Europe – if he survives. Fortunately, Nizar has his good friend Rafaël to help him make the difficult decision. In Amsterdam, Cindy does everything she can to get Nizar home, but the bureaucracy seems to fail anyone who is considered a refugee. The film is based on a true story that transcends bureaucracy, borders and even prison walls when two people do everything in their power to be together for the love and birth of their first child.




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nei, takk