Parasite (B&W Version)

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Winning heaps of prizes, including the Academy Award for Best Picture (as the first foreign language film ever), and generating massive revenue – Parasite has definitely captivated the whole world. And rightfully so. Bong Joon-Ho’s masterpiece is a unique cinematic experience which depicts class differences in South Korea with precision, unpredictability and black humour. This is a film you want to know as little as possible about before taking your seat at the cinema to be amazed. 

Motivated by his love for classic filmmaking, Joon-Ho made a black and white version of the film, available for a limited number of screenings at Norwegian cinemas. Kosmorama and Trondheim Kino have the pleasure to announce that the black and white version of Parasite will be screened on Friday during the festival week!

The black and white version of the film was actually made prior to the premiere in Cannes in 2019. The director himself has revealed that he thinks the film has an entirely different feel in black and white. This is an even more intense experience, which accentuates the performances of the actors.

We can’t wait to show you this sensation of a film on the big screen!       



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