Outdoor screening: Jurassic Park

In cooperation with Cafe Ni Muser we welcome you to an outdoor-screening of Jurassic Park (1993). Experience Steven Spielberg's classic in a completely new way in Cafe Ni Muser's backyard - which turns into Isla Nublar Island for an evening.

Philanthropist John Hammond and his biotechnology team, InGen, have built an amusement park out of the ordinary - it has live dinosaurs! But before the park stops open, an employee is killed by a dinosaur. To prove that the park is safe, John decides to invite two dinosaur experts, a mathematician and his two grandchildren to test out the park's attractions. It does not take long before they realize one thing - nothing is safe when dinosaurs are involved.

There will be heating lamps in the back yard where the screening takes place, but we recommend warm clothing. 



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