Kjøp billett

Jomar (Anders Baasmo Christiansen) has isolated himself in a small cabin outside of Trondheim, where he passes the time by drinking and watching TV. When he is told that he has ha son, Jomar begins his journey north on a snowmobile, the only means of transportation he can handle, because of his somewhat frail nerves. Nord is an unconventional roadmovie, full of humour, warmth and peculiarities, just what you can expect by a manuscript by the talented Erlend Loe.

On occasion of the film’s 10 year anniversary, we invite you to celebrate with a special screening of Nord at Cinemateket Trondheim. Nord won three Kanon-awards at Kosmorama, and was nominated for several awards at film festivals all over the word. Nord was partially filmed in Trøndelag and has it’s roots in Trondheim with director Rune Langlo and a manuscript by Erlend Loe. It is therefore only natural to have a real celebration here in it’s hometown, with a visit from director Rune Langlo.




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