My heart belongs to Daddy

Sofia renews her contact with her addicted and criminal father after having served his sentence of 19 months. Now sober she helps him to get a job and an apartment, nevertheless it does not take long before he returns to his old way of life. The film depicts a close and tender family relationship with Sofia trying to sort out her father's life and help him because she wants to see if after all these years he can again be a father for her. We witness how their lives change and the challenges they encounter. The film also questions the extent to which public benefit systems are able to assist individuals dependent on support and how life is as a drug-addict. My Heart Belongs to Daddy is Sofia's debut film and deals with her and her father`s personal journey. Although the pair have numerous setbacks and serious conversations, the film is to a great extent filled with humor, warmth and hope.



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nei, takk