Mr. Gay Syria

Mahmoud, founder of the Syrian LGBTI-movement and refugee in Berlin, is arranging the first ever Mr. Gay Syria. The contest is to be held in Istanbul, and Mohmoud hopes it will put the Syrian LGBTI-community on the map.

The search for someone who will travel to Malta to represent Syria in Mr. Gay World introduces us to five brave contestants. They all dream about making the world a better place for Syrian LGBTI-persons, and to make a life for themselves where they can be themselves. Husein lives two separate lives, one as a family man and one as gay and contestant in Mr. Gay Syria. Oman wishes to live safely with his boyfriend Nader, who is granted asylum in Norway. Along the journey towards Syrian representation in Mr. Gay World, we get to know a small, but strong, community consisting of friendship, hope and despair.



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