Directors Marte Vold and Yuno Jéro met at the Danish documentary film CPH: DOX's talent development program, in 2015. The two stayed in touch as post-graduate friends, but being film producers, the letters are of course not written down on paper - they are on video. Throughout 2016, Jéro and Marte sent each other regular updates in the form of video diaries and short excerpts from their daily lives, and it is these that have been clipped and subseqently make up the documentary film Letters. On one hand, we follow Marte, a Norwegian mother living her everyday life in Norway including toothbrush and Constitution Day. On the other hand, we have Jéro, a single male living in Seoul, alone with his cat. Together, Letters becomes a film about two people`s everyday life and family life on each side of the globe. What are their differences and similarities? Moreover, how do they relate to their own families, as a son and a mother? Letters is warm, fun, educational and inspiring - and speaks like the urge to see through binoculars that we all have in us.


 Yun Jéro is a Korean director born in 1980 who graduated in France. He has made a series of short films and two documentary films that have featured in festivals worldwide. Marte Vold (born 1978) is a photographer and director and has made many short films, the last Totem, was chosen for the prestigious New Directors / New Films in New York.

Letters had its world premiere during Busan International Film Festival, Asia's main film festival.



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