Culinary Cinema: Kitchen Stories

Kjøp billett

Welcome to Culinary Cinema with Bula Neobistro! There’ll be a screening of Bent Hamer’s Kitchen Stories (2003) accompanied by a five-course dinner served by Bula Neobistro. The first course is served in the cinema auditorium before we proceed to the restaurant. Read what chef Reneé Fagerhøi has to say about her food philosophy and her relationship to film:

Cinematography is a central source of inspiration in my daily work at Bula Neobistro. Film, music and art are essential to creating the food we stand for at Bula. I want to take the boundlessness and freedom of filmmaking with me into the kitchen. I want to work without rules or limits, just let raw materials and culture decide what I create. Nostalgia, trashy, lowbrow culture, salt, acid, umami, over the top, playful and ambitious are keywords that describe what we want to convey at Bula.

I often take references and scenes directly from a film and onto the plate. I don’t wrap it up or over-analyze, you don’t have to read between the lines. I make what I see. Bent Hamer’s universe is boundless. Hamer’s been a favourite of mine for many years, and there’s already a dish dedicated to him in my cookbook Fritter shjiten («Fry that shit»). To be given free rein to put together a meal inspired by his universe is scary and fun at the same time. But most of all – god damn exciting.     

I can’t wait, hope to see you there!




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